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My name is Sandra Colella with the help of  my Avon business I have built the life I love.  My other loves are my family, my 3 sons who are on the Autistic Spectrum and my husband of course. lol  Twelve ears ago I made the best decision for myself and my family to join Avon Canada.  This experience has not only given me the flexibility to earn a living according to my schedule and lifestyle which revolved a lot around my children. Caring for children with children in general can be expensive. But any family who has children with special needs it can be a lot worse. Having the worry to not being able to give them what they need is rough. Avon helped a great deal.  The best part of my journey is that I have also had the opportunity to mentor many women and together we made their dreams and goals become a reality. During my years with Avon, I have earned many incentives and rewards including a trip to Mexico, cash, and gifts. What would you want to achieve in life that money can support you with?  Let's partner together to customize your earn opportunity. Click here to get started now.

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